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Strategic Plan Update


Our original intention was to provide an outdoor centre which would replace the old, very successful, establishment in all respects, including the availability of overnight accommodation. This proved to be impossible to fund and, with a radical change in the demand for outdoor facilities over the COVID period, our focus was changed to providing a building on site to facilitate the use of the forest for outdoor pursuits and wellness activities without any accommodation element. While seeking funding for the main building on site, we have been able to improve the site amenity in small ways.

  • In September 2021, two composting toilets were installed on site.
  • In June 2023, the refurbishment of the old generator shed was completed

Update October 2023 :       We now have enough funding in place to provide a building on site at a total cost of £46550. The building of choice will cost about £80000 and we have funding applications in place which will enable this. We are now committed to having a building on site in 2024.

There has been a significant and very welcome increase in the interest shown in the project by Forestry and Land Scotland

The following key points remain relevant.

  • It is planned to build a camp kitchen on site.  This will be done in house with funding to cover the cost of materials. The funding is in place for this.
  • A building will be on site in 2024. The precise nature of the building will depend on funding available.