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Upcoming & Recent Events

Upcoming Events

Following on from our very successful Family Painting days and Forest Meditation Sessions, we are hosting a number of other events run by Haven House Art.

This event is fully funded. Please contact us for details and to book a place.

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Recent Events


Family Painting Day August 2023

We hosted a very well attended and enjoyable family painting day delivered by Haven House Art on 13th August 2023. The weather was kind and a great time was had by all.

Click to view all the slides in our gallery

Site Maintenance July 2023

Not many volunteers on 22nd / 23rd July but, thanks to those who did turn out, we managed to get a fair bit of work done. Particular thanks to Sarah and Tom for getting the grass cut.

Tree Planting Day

The result of a very successful tree planting day on Saturday 22nd April

Our thanks to all the volunteers who turned out to help and especially to Forestry and Land Scotland who provided the trees, the expertise and the tools to do the job.

Environment Restoration

Scheduled for 15th – 19th May was unfortunately reduced to just one day due to a lack of volunteers. Despite this, some really useful work was done.

Special thanks to Forestry and Land Scotland who cleared the site of a huge amount of brash (left over from the felling of dangerous trees a couple of years ago) over the weekend before volunteer work on the site was due to start.

The volunteers who were able to come to site on the Tuesday put in a great shift planting more trees with assistance from Forestry and Land Scotland who, once again, provided the trees, tools and expertise.